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We did laptop cooling pad reviews to help to choose best laptop cooling pad. A cooling pad for laptop is a device utilized to stop the laptop from becoming overheated. Laptops get overheated due to a number of reasons. Some laptops have a poor design which is not well fitted to deal with the heat generated in the course of processing.

At times, the outlets for releasing hot air become blocked due to dust leading to overheating of the laptop. However, before buying a laptop cooling pad, you need to determine whether it is really necessary to have one.

If you do not utilize your laptop for more than two or three hours in a day, you do not need it. Before buying a laptop cooler, you need to consider a few things such as price, quietness, design, size and cooling effect. Analyzing the reviews of a number of the top brands will assist you to choose the ideal one.

Cooler Master NotePal X3

Cooler Master ComforterThe Cooler Master NotePal X3 has an interesting and unique look from other laptop coolers. It has simple features although they make a big difference in the cooling performance in the laptop. It has a fan speed which can be adjusted and a palm cooler for working at the keyboard for long hours.

It contains a single fan which is not as effective as a dual fan would be, though it is still highly effective. These features qualify the Cooler Master NotePal X3 as a perfect choice for the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner.

This cooler has only one fan and its airflow is not targeted to a particular place. The air is just blown to a vast space beneath your laptop, but it helps to cool your laptop. It has an X shape design which enables simple and effective intake of cool air and the expulsion of heat. It has a grated grill which facilitates maximum room for breathing and minimum suffocation.

The noise level for this single fan runs between 16 to 23 decibels. This shows that it is quiet and does not disturb you.  The fan speed is adjustable and many units do not have this. This factor makes it one of the most ideal laptop cooling pads.

It is possible for you to slow it down to get a smooth breeze or increase it by a few notches if you want a higher level of cooling. There is also a switch for turning the fan off and on which is convenient as you do not need to unplug the USB connector each time you want to switch off the fan.

A feature which is fun to use available in this laptop cooling pad is the blue LED light. This is a cosmetic feature, but it shows that this cooler for notebooks maintains the coolness of your laptop and at the same time looks very attractive while doing this. The light can be turned on and off. This is of great benefit as the light may sometimes be too much.

There is a palm cooler featured in this notebook. Cool air is blown towards your hands, which keeps your hands dry. This air comes from a vent situated in front of the cooling pad. When your hands are sweaty, they stick to the laptop or desk, and gaming or typing is not fun anymore. This fan gets rid of discomfort such as this.

The NotePal X3 is powered by USB. It provides more USB ports therefore you do not lose valuable port space after plugging it in. Beneath the cooler, a cord storage system is found to enable the USB cable maintain neatness and tidiness when it is not being used. The USB cable available is long and will extend on any location on your laptop. Also, it is compatible with all kinds of laptops.

The height of this product cannot be adjusted, although it is only one more level. This is sufficient to give an additional slant to your laptop to promote comfort. This cooler does not contain any soft sections so it is not very comfortable on your lap. However, the plastic it is made of is of high quality and cannot break.

This laptop cooler is meant to be used on hard surface rather than laps and beds. It is ideal for laptop cooling when gaming. Gaming puts a lot of weight on computer systems, and gamer laptops are likely to heat up. This cooler keeps the game running. You do not require pausing, or lose what you have scored because of overheating.

This cooler does not contain any kind of grip to keep your laptop securely in place. Your laptop has rubber feet which should provide a grip which is solid enough, but the extra security would have been handy. The width of this cooler is 15 inches and it can accommodate laptops of different sizes comfortably. No laptop will have a perfect fit, but the excess will not be a hindrance.

A one year warranty comes with this laptop cooler. It is not a long or detailed warranty but it offers the reassurance that the company will offer some back up for its product at some level.

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Targus AWE55US

Targus Lap Chill Mat for LaptopThe Targus AWE55US laptop cooler is a very comfortable laptop cooling pad. It has a system of dual fans which provides additional room for circulation of air. Its design is lightweight, comfortable and is compatible with all laptop cases.

It provides protection to your lap and other surfaces for working from heat generated from the laptop. Due to these reasons, the Targus AWE55US is rated as the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner.

The dual fans efficiently diffuse heat and gives adequate ventilation. Heat which causes discomfort and inadequate ventilation mainly happens when a laptop is utilized on a pillow or on your laptop. However, the Targus enables good air circulation to keep your laptop operational. This cooling pad’s design is in form of a wedge and the fans have a gap between them and beneath the fan also.

This gap facilitates the effective airflow. The speed of the fan is not adjustable though the fans run at a speed that does not distract. The fans are not noisy and your work is not disturbed at all. There is a grated grill which offers maximum quantity of air circulation.

There is a USB cord attached at the back of the device of this laptop cooler. It is secure and not likely to fall out when it is bumped into. The lengthy cord ensures that it can connect to any USB port which is available on your laptop.

There is no storage space available for the cord, but when not being used, it will not get in the way. This notebook cooler does not have an additional USB port, unlike the most ideal laptop coolers. It occupies a valuable USB port, but maintains coolness in your laptop preventing it from overheating.

The height of this devise cannot be adjusted, but it offers a slight incline, which provides comfort for your wrists when typing. The laptop contains four rubber feet which help to keep the laptop steady. It is possible for you to move your feet around the cooler’s grill, to effectively keep your laptop firm and protected. You do not need to be concerned about your laptop sliding and slipping when on top of the Targus cooling pad. So long as there is a USB port available, the Targus can be used with any laptop or operating system.

This laptop cooler settles on your lap in a comfortable manner. There is a neoprene fabric beneath the cooling pad making it comfortable when on your lap. The rubber feet prevent the device from sliding when on a hard surface. These are not noticeable when the cooler is placed on the lap.

The fans are well secured and are not likely to get broken. This cooler is created to accommodate laptops of up to 17 inches. A laptop which is smaller fits better on the cooling pad, though the size is not relevant as the cooler still keeps any laptop cool.

The Targus AWE55US can be found in black and silver. The wedge shape enables a large quantity of space to be pulled in and dispel air from the two sides. It has a smooth design which facilitates portability. It is easy for you to carry it to school or work as it is not cumbersome.

Targus provides a one year warranty. It s not the best warranty available, but any complication arising with this cooler, is likely to happen before the expiry of this warranty.

The Targus website offers user manuals which can be downloaded and a FAQs page. These two options offer a fast method of getting answers. Another quick option for getting instant answers is using the live chat support which is helpful and efficient.

The Targus AWE55US cooling pad is the most comfortable one can get. The air ventilation is excellent and the dual fans work efficiently to keep your laptop ready to operate for hours.  Even if it is not possible to adjust the height or speed of the fan, it can be used comfortably on any surface.

This laptop cooler prevents your laptop from generating too much heat and easily handles the largest and hottest laptops easily.
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The Cooler Master NotePal Ergo 30 (CoolerMaster Comforter)

Cooler Master NotePal LapAirThis laptop cooler contains two fans which work better than one fan. These fans blow air which is cold, enabling you and your laptop to maintain coolness with this cooling pad. Its decibel level is 23 and does not contain fan speed which can be adjusted. It is a bit loud compared to other top laptop coolers, but is quiet and inconspicuous.

There is no extra room for breathing or additional space to provide the laptop and fans ventilation room. The heat is dispersed easily, as there is no grate or mesh cover. However, the fans operate efficiently and the laptops do not overheat.

This laptop cooler has a USB cord and storage which reduces chaos involved in cords. Its grip holds your laptop steady. You can adjust the grip according to your laptop requirements. 17 inch laptops are comfortably held with minimal overhang.

The remarkable aspect about the stand which can be adjusted in height is that it is possible for it rotate a complete 360 degrees. This is the only notebook cooler capable of this. The stand can be detached to suit tablets of any size also. Using this feature, it is possible for you to pop the stand out.

When this cooler is on your desk, it works better. The ventilation system is not good, so the fans get blocked easily and do not work well when placed on soft surfaces. The cooler does not present any problems when placed on a desk or table.

This fan is designed with solid materials, which is ideal as far as durability is concerned, but not good in terms of comfort. It is easily portable and you do not need to be concerned about it breaking at the slightest push.

A warranty for one year comes with this laptop cooling pad. You need to verify ownership so as to make a claim in warranty. This is not as good as other warranties for cooling pads which offer two to three years warranties.

Cooler Master’s customer services offer an option of live chat, which is very educational and effective. There is a FAQs page for the company providing information on various products and questions on warranty.

This Cooler Master is very effective when you sit for long hours at a desk. The ventilation is inadequate, but the two fans ensure you and your laptop are kept cool.

Also, there is the advantage of having a tablet stand and a cooling pad for your laptop cooler all incorporated in one contraption.

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Targus Space Saving Lap Chill Mat (AWE80US)

Targus Space Saving Lap Chill Mat for LaptopThis laptop cooler normally comes in black or grey color. It has two fans which assist in maintenance of coolness for you and your laptop. It can be used when placed on the lap or desk. There are rubber tabs available which are L-shaped which ensure the laptop is in place. The edges are open which facilitate maximum flow of air. The cable is wrapped around the outer edges.

The design is comfortable and ideal for using at home or other locations where you do not have a desk or solid workplace. It is small in size and easily fits in your suitcase when travelling or overnighter.

Fans utilize a standard USB connection for power. These can be hooked to your laptop or computer with the use of a mini-USB cable. When a laptop is hot it does not perform well and despite laptops having built-in fans which ensure the device is cool, the heat is sometimes not dispelled effectively.

If you spend a lot of time working on your laptop, a cooling solution is vital for enhancing the circulation of air and controlling heat. Using the space saving Targus Lap Chill mat, your laptop works more efficiently while maintaining space and comfort which you require, whether you are utilizing it your lap or desk.

You and the laptop maintain coolness and comfort when working in the office or at home. The Targus Lap Chill Mat is ideal for working on the desk and since it is light in weight and slim, it is easy to use when on your lap.

By simply twisting the knobs, you can elevate the angle of the Chill Mat for more comfort when on your lap. Mixing style and utility, this Lap Chill Mat’s woven padding made from gabardine makes it not wear out quickly and provides style, complementing your living room or office.

Apart from cooling being important, saving space is important as well and this is why the Targus Lap Chill Mat is created to enable it to lie flat at over 1 inch in height. It has a compact design and is light in weight which enables it to fit easily in laptop bags, unlike other cooling products which cannot fit. It has a strong fan which gets power from a USB port on your laptop. Therefore, you do not require a big battery or AC power. This cooling mat is effective in cooling and it is attractive and stylish, providing a good feature in the office or at home. It does not take up a lot of space and good cable storage keeps the USB cable tidy and organized.

When on your laps, the woven gabardine padding makes it an enjoyable experience. The grill which ventilated, offers support to laptops of up to 17 inches, and gives you enough space.

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