Songmics Bamboo Foldable Laptop Desk Review

The Songmics laptop table is everything you can ask for in a laptop desk. The product is not just finely designed; it is crafted with great care, and its natural finish makes up for everything it lacks here and there. For those who want something extremely durable and practical, this is the table you are looking for. Though not amazingly ergonomically designed, this is sturdy and comes with a longer lifeline. Carry it with you on your travels, make it your reading desk or just serve breakfast on it, this is a tray that won’t disappoint you. And the best part— use it in bed all you want. It’s attractive and made of bamboo. A perfect choice for those who believe in minimalistic living. This Songmics Bamboo Foldable Laptop Desk Review presents an insight into the mechanics of the product.



Songmics Bamboo Foldable Laptop Desk Review

  • Material: The Songmics Lap Desk is made of 100% Natural Bamboo. This makes it an environment-friendly choice and is also easy to clean and moisture resistant.
  • Well Crafted: Ergonomically designed with a hollowed out design to ensure that the heat dissipates properly.
  • Storage: The Songmics Bed Desk comes with what is called the worry-saving cup-groove, which is a drawer that you can use to store anything from your mouse pad to your phone.
  • Weight: It’s not just lightweight, it can also be folded easily and is convenient to carry around.
  • Suitable for all: It is a rare option that comes in a right-left symmetrical design. It makes it accessible to left-handed users as well.
  • Adjustable: It comes with a tilt, and you can adjust the legs according to the view you want.



The Songmics Breakfast Desk is not your ordinary lap desk. It is a very convenient product to use in bed. It doesn’t matter where you are in the house; you can use it anywhere from your sofa to the recliner, in your car, flight, anywhere. Watch movies at night without worrying about the heat emitting from your laptop.


It is quite well designed and makes a great choice for someone who wants to enjoy breakfast in bed and at the same time wants a desk he can use for work. If you don’t want an age old traditional design to embarrass you on your travels, this is an excellent option.


Songmics Bed Deskis made of 100% natural bamboo. This makes it resistant to moisture. And even better, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it. All it needs is a wet cloth, and your job is done.


The laptop desk comes with adjustable legs and you can alter them to suit your height and position. This leaves less strain on the eyes and spine. You can also tilt the tray if you want a specific perfect angle.


  • Product Dimensions: 21.7 x 13. x 11.4 inches  or 55 x 35 x 29cm
  • Colour: Natural Bamboo
  • Material: Bamboo


  • Leg Length: The Songmics Computer Desk will have wider legs than shown in the pictures. They stretch well and spread out to give you maximum comfort. This feature makes it one of the most flexible options out there.
  • Level Surface: There is ample space for just about everything from snacks to a glass of water, coffee, kindle, pen and paper and enough room for taking notes too. Saves you the trouble of holding the kindle in your hands for long hours.
  • Tilt: Apart from the legs being extendable, it’s quite nice to have an angle at the top that allows you to move a little without making a mess on the table.
  • Sturdy: The design is quite prevalent as it is strong and at the same time very classy. You can flaunt it well and it is built to last.


  • Folding The Legs: This is something a lot of people complain about. The problem is, the legs are super extendable, but there’s no way to fold it back up again easily. You have to go through the tedious process of fixing the wing nuts. Nothing inconvenient but can get annoying if you are in a hurry.
  • Be Careful: When the legs open and close, you have to be careful as sometimes when you try to move things around, the legs collapse, and this can pinch your finger.


Overall a great purchase. You can easily adjust the height of the desk, and it gives you many features in one. There are some hiccups like the leg adjustment and some who want something in a fine wood finish, this may not be the option. But if you like something sturdy, want it simple, want ample storage space, this is a good choice. The most interesting part is that it is environment-friendly that makes it a viable option to have.


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