Sofia and Sam Memory Foam Lap Desk Review

Laptops were manufactured with an intention that they can be used by the user anywhere they want. Though laptops to an extent fulfill that purpose, it can be extremely tiring to work on your notebook for hours in a go even if you are sitting on the couch of your living area. Laptops tend to heat up over prolonged use. Not only does this cause trouble to the user, but it also causes pain to the machinery.

Memory Foam Lap Desk, though, is a product that can enhance your laptop experience even if you are stuck in front of your laptop screen for hours. Heating of laptop can be controlled with a lap desk that has cooling fans attached to it, but these lap desks are not comfortable to use. Some of the laptop cooling lap desks are made of cheap plastic that promise the world to the buyers but delivers nothing; this is not the case with Sofia and Sam Lap Desk.

Sofia and Sam Memory Foam Lap Desk Review

A lap desk not only needs to be able to check the heating of your laptop, but it should also be able to increase your comfort of using a laptop that is exactly what Sofia Sam Laptop Desk does as it promises and delivers on the promises made by giving you a more comfortable computing experience.

Not every laptop desk available in the market can guarantee the same ease of use and comfort as Sofia and Sam Laptop Table because the manufacturers have apparently taken care of every user demand while designing this revolutionary lap desk. It can be used by kids as well as users of all ages and has various advantages over its rival products.

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  • Design: This lap desk is intended to enhance the comfort of using a laptop. The edges are angled so that the lap desk cannot hurt you even if the edges somehow hit you while you are working on long shifts over your laptop. The lap desk is finished using special memory cloth with foam that enhances comfort even when you are working on your notebook.
  • Lightweight: The lap desk is very light weight which means it is easy to keep and carry from places to places. You can keep the lap desk with you at all times, no matter if you are at your house, in your office or your car. The weight is ideal for even a kid to use so if your children want to use the lap desk; they still can use and carry it anywhere they want.
  • USB powered: The lap desk is USB powered. This means you do not need to connect it to an external or secondary power source to get it to work. Simply connect the USB port of the lap desk to the laptop, and your lap desk is good to go.
  • Light: Sofia and Sam lap desk is a Lapdesk with Light. The Lapdesk comes with a detachable LED light that can be used to study documents at places where it is dark. Most of the times people work sitting on their beds at night with the lights switched off. Sofia and Sam lap desk have led light to work during nights.
  • Devices supported: This lap desk can support any device that is not over 18 inches in screen size. This means the lap desk is perfect for use for most laptops, tablets, Kindle, EBook reading devices and all other devices that support USB and are not huge in dimensions.
  • Batteries: The Lap Desk supports 4 AA batteries. Traditional laptop desks used laptop batteries to give power to the fan of lap desks, and this used to drain the laptop battery faster than you could anticipate. Sofia and Sam lap desks eliminate this laptop battery usage by giving power to the fans through external batteries that are readily available in the market and last longer.


  • Light weight with only 4 pounds in weight.
  • Comfortable in use
  • Memory cloth for additional comfort
  • Keeps the laptop cool through battery powered fan
  • Edges are specially angled to keep user comfort in mind
  • Detachable LED light that can be used with USB of laptop or computer.
  • Can support any laptop below 18 inches screen size.
  • 4 AA batteries are required
  • Product dimensions are 1.3*4.1*16.2 inches


  • Can be used for all laptops
  • Easy to carry
  • Has detachable light
  • Memory cloth makes lap desk even more comfortable to use.


  • Not ideal for use of big laptop with mouse
  • The foam might not feel as soft as other memory cloth pillows.
  • The finishing might not satisfy every user.


This laptop desk is a dream product for everyone who works for long hours over their laptops. Since the lap desk is lightweight it can be carried everywhere, and the attachments such as LED light comes in very handy. The product is value for money and is recommended to be bought by everyone who wants to introduce comfort in using your laptop for long durations.

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