Logitech Touch Lapdesk N600 Review

Laptops are meant to be used everywhere and anywhere that you want, but using a laptop for long hours can be uncomfortable. Laptops not only tend to heat up over prolonged use but also are uncomfortable if you keep them over your laps for hours at a stretch. This is where Logitech N550 Cooling Pad comes to the rescue of a user. This Lapdesk is comfortable beyond expectations and has various other features that make it the best Lapdesk for personal use in the market.  Let’s delve deeper into the Logitech Touch Lapdesk N600 Review.

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  • Lapdesk comes with a touchpad
  • This device is wireless
  • It is very light weight
  • Heat-shielding design
  • Comes with Logitech Unifying receiver
  • Retractable Touchpad
  • Ideal for laptops with up to 16-inch display


Logitech Touch Lapdesk N600 ReviewTouchpad: This Portable Lapdesk is unique because this Lapdesk comes along with a touch pad while most others in the market in the same price range do not offer a touch pad facility. Now, you can not only use the touchpad of the laptop located at its center but also of the Lapdesk placed on the side that gives you more options of comfort.

Retractable Touchpad: One of the other benefits of the touchpad on Logitech N600is that its touchpad is retractable. What this means is you can just slide the touchpad under the Lapdesk when you don’t feel the need of using the touchpad on the Lapdesk and are happy using your laptop touchpad. This feature helps you save a lot of space.

Wireless: Wires always complicate using a Lapdesk and make everything look shabby. This wireless Logitech Lap Pad comes with a Logitech Unifying receiver that eliminates the use of any cables, and thus, you can use your Lapdesk without worrying about the connections. All you need to do is connect the receiver to your laptop, and your Lapdesk is ready to launch.

USB Storage: This Lapdesk has a small USB storage compartment in it which is very useful. Now you don’t need to store your USB drives separately while on the move or travelling. This USB storage space is enough to store three pen drives at a go and also does not consume any additional space for the said purpose.

Heat Cutting Design: This Lapdesk is very efficient in protecting your laps from the laptop generated heat. Though every Lapdesk can cool your laptop but not every Lapdesk will efficiently stop that emitted heat from reaching you. This Lapdesk ensures that your lap is insulated at all times. Hence, you can continue working for hours without any discomfort.

Battery: This Lapdesk works with external batteries and is very efficient. You need to change the external batteries only twice every year, and the Lapdesk also has a light indicator that indicates if your Lapdesk is running low on batteries and needs a cell replacement. Since it does not work on a laptop as a power source, it does not drain your laptop battery.


  • Works best on 16-inch screen size
  • The products weight is 12.6 ounces
  • The product dimensions are 11.2*1.3*16.64 inches
  • Comes in white as well as grey
  • Uses 4 AAA batteries as power source
  • Can also work with 4AA batteries
  • Has the shipping weight of 3 pounds


  • Uses External Power Source: Most Lapdesks use laptop battery as a power supply to work though this has its advantages as the Lapdesk can work even in remote places with no electricity, it also drains the laptop quickly. This Lapdesk takes care of this issue by using external batteries as power source. Hence, the laptop battery remains unaffected.
  • Touchpad: The retractable touchpad is not only very sensitive but also a joy to use. The touchpad comes out when you want to use it and also has a place where you can rest your wrists while working on the touchpad. Another great advantage of the touchpad is that it is bigger in size compared to touchpads at your notebooks, which gives you a larger area to work.
  • Efficient Cooling System: This Lapdesk will work for hours at a go without your laptop getting heated, and this is because it has a very powerful cooling fan that ensures a good wind current is always dissipating the heat generated by the laptop. Also, this Lapdesk works very silently and hence you can be rest assured that your concentration won’t break on prolonged use.


  • Size: Though this Lapdesk will work fine with any laptop or notebook within the 16-inch screen size limit, beyond this dimension, the Lapdesk is not ideal to be used. If you are using this Lapdesk for a 19-inch display, your laptop will not fit, and in all probabilities, will wobble making you uncomfortable.


If you are looking to get a Lapdesk for your personal use that not only is a notch above the rest in technology but also comes in handy on your wallet then Logitech N600 is recommended for you. Logitech has earned a name for itself because of performance, and this Lapdesk too is durable. For the amount of money you pay, you are getting more in performance and desirability.

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