Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 Review

When you bought your laptop, the idea behind it was to use your laptop at any place you want, the freedom with a desktop can never provide. While laptops do give you the freedom to access your computer at any place and at any time, they aren’t always that comfortable to use as you would have wanted.  Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 Review Logitech N700 Cooling Pad is an ideal Lapdesk for the people who love their movies and their music and like to plug into their laptop, whenever they are free. Logitech Cooling Pad N700 comes in with built-in speakers, to enhance your music and movie watching experience while also giving you the desired comfort of using your laptop. Let us delve deeper into Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 Review. 

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  • Built-in speakers enhance the sound quality that is not always the flag point of a laptop.
  • The Logitech Lap Pad has a padded bottom to give you comfort while using the laptop anywhere you want.
  • The integrated cooling fan makes sure your laptop does not get heated even over prolonged use.
  • The padded bottom ensures that the heat, originating from the base of the laptop, never reaches your lap making you uncomfortable.
  • Logitech Lapdesk connects to the laptop with a single USB, and there is no unnecessary hectic installation process.
  • Lapdesk with Speakers enhances the sound of your laptop to greater levels that ensure you get a theatre experience at your home without having to move an inch.
  • All the speaker controls are available on the Lapdesk itself which ensures you do not need to search for sound keys whenever you need to alter the volume levels.
  • Cooling fan is silent enough to go unnoticed when you are plugged in listening to music or watching your favourite movie
  • Angled top ensures that your laptop remains stable at different angles even when you move your legs


Comfort: Movie sessions can go for hours. If you are a TV season fanatic and watching your favourite show over Netflix, you might be plugged in even for the entire day, on such days having a Lapdesk with padded bottom ensures that you do not feel discomfort while being plugged in for hours.

Heating: Those long movie and TV season sessions can seriously heat up your laptop. If you have a Lapdesk with a cooling fan, you can plug in your laptop for hours and the cooling fan will ensure your laptop does not get heated up even over excessive use.

Sound Adjust: Sometimes when the movie is interesting, it feels a real task to find the volume button to adjust sound levels even when they are located somewhere in your laptop. This Lapdesk resolves this issue as well, as it has one touch sound keys at very accessible location to ensure that you do not miss that all important scene while adjusting the volume levels.

No Excess Wires: Wires are distracting, and they are untidy, but this Lapdesk does have only one of those, and thus you don’t need to manage the wires while you use your laptop.

Angle Padd: For enhanced comfort and ergonomics, the Lapdesk is designed to be angled. The bottom of your laptop sticks to the Lapdesk, and thus it does not move or fall with the tilting or moving of your Lapdesk due to any reason.

Beautiful Design: This Lapdesk looks awesome in its white aerodynamic design. It has enough space for airflow that ensures your laptop does not get heated even if you have kept over your bed comforter for hours.


  • Ideal of 16-inch laptop
  • Item dimensions are 11.25*20.50*3 inches
  • The product weighs 5 pounds
  • It comes in coconut colour
  • It has built in built in Logitech speakers
  • The volume adjusting buttons are on the Lapdesk
  • It has one wire that can be connected to laptop
  • It does not need another power source
  • It comes with two rubber pads
  • Has a three-year warranty
  • Does not require another software installation
  • Takes 5 volts in power
  • Maximum fan noise of 31dbA
  • Pads are made of polyester air mesh fabric.


  • The Lapdesk is easy to assemble and use
  • Gives comfort over extended use of laptop
  • Does not let the laptop heat up over prolonged use.
  • Has built in speakers, which enhances the sound quality
  • Angled pad ensures ergonomics and comfort.


  • Cannot work for biggest of the laptops.


If you are looking for a handy Lapdesk that can be used anywhere and comes in at a handy price, this is the one product that will not disappoint you. The sound quality is amazing, and the design is sure to turn a few eyeballs. The fabric of the bottom pads ensures comfort and hence it is an ideal buy. Considering the Lapdesk is not that expensive, it is just the product everyone desires.

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