Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550 Review

Laptops and netbooks are as portable as they can get, but one cannot for sure get everything from those small and compact devices.  There always will be a few issues that would keep bugging the user. Logitech Lapdesk N550, the new kid on the block, is capable of solving most of these problems.

Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550 Review

For instance, who would not like stereo surround sound integrated into a cooling pad? The best bet in this regard is the Logitech Cooling Pad. Its features and design allows enhanced quality of sound and nor is it hefty on the pocket. It doubles as a laptop table and a cooling device.

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Let us delve deeper into this Logitech Lapdesk with speakers. 


  • Ergonomically speaking

Its beveled edges run smoothly across its body. The body has been constructed with high quality, durable plastic. Also, there are rubberized points that are suited for laptops, netbooks of sizes ranging from 11 to 14 inches.

  • The cooling power

There is an air-mesh construction on the bottom of the Logitech Lap Pad. The improved airflow system due to the air-mesh design also allows for the device, to remain cool in spite of hours of use. The base of the pad is equipped with two solid rubber trims that maintain stability.

  • U.S.B power

The U.S.B. connector comes out of the back of the N550. It merely requires to be plugged in and is ready to go at all times.

  • The speaking portals

The speakers are good 2 watts each. They are molded along with neodymium driver spools. This construction provides a pleasant multimedia stereo sound feel. The air-mesh design right in the center of the device works as an audio enhancer, and its effects are quite evident. Also, there are three volume control buttons on the side.


  • Efficiency

Logitech’s Lapdesk with Speakers system is quite efficient for its design and features. More has been tried to achieve with the sturdy construction.

  • Usability

The device is among the simplest to operate and use in the market. All one needs to do is just ram it in, and the N550 is ready to rock and roll. Moreover, it has only three buttons on the right side, through which the volume could be controlled.


  • The design provides the most comfortable typing angle.
  • Moreover, the stereos offer a great theater resemblance.
  • The N550 also doubles as a cooling device for the onboard computer.
  • Allows audio to be controlled from outside the computer as well.
  • The three buttons and a USB cord enables it to be a reasonable and hassle free package.
  • The entire structure fits adequately well on to the lap or on any table for that matter.
  • Easy to use and play. One just needs to plug the USB into the computer, and it is ready to go.
  • The padded base allows much more comfort.


  • The design allows for comfortable typing. The rounded edges provide enough space for the wrists to maneuver adequately.
  • Relatively light weight.
  • The rubber grips prevent the computer from moving much.
  • The built is solid and sturdy even after a few months of heavy use.


  • Not especially useful for laptops larger than 14 inches.
  • It does not have an inbuilt battery. Therefore, the computer dries out faster.
  • Though it is not very heavy, the large design and the shape makes it hard to move around.
  • When the notebook or laptop is on the Logitech Cooling Pad N550, both of them will have to be moved around, this is an added burden.


The N550 is user-friendly and offers a lot of advantages. It is not just a speaker with good sound output but also performs the role of a micro-work station quite well. The sturdy and stable frame of the cooling pad does not allow the notebook or laptop on top to move much providing added safety to the machine in use.


Logitech Speaker Lapdesk review made a good case for itself. Considering the laptops and netbooks that come in the low-budget range, their speakers, and certain other features are mellowed down. The N550 breaks that barrier with its efficient design and features. When it comes to pricing, the N550 is quite competitive with other brands in the market.

A lot of problems are solved and enhancements achieved. The N550 in this examination fares well and provides a lot of positives and thus qualifies as an ideal bet.

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