LapGear Smart Media Desk Review

Our lives revolve around laptops or tablets today. They have become our closest friends, and hence we spend the maximum time with them. But constantly being on laptops is also affecting our health in more ways than one. This is why laptop desks come in handy. This humble accessory makes it much easier for you to work on your machine. This LapGear Smart Media Desk Review focuses on this one well-known product and tells you how and why is this a must have. The review brings you in-depth detail on the industry’s most sought after product and gives you a 360 degree perspective on its use.



  • Firm Grip: This one comes with a media slot that makes sure that the tablets and e-readers are held in one place and do not slip.
  • Grip pad: This is another great feature that ensures your phone doesn’t slip off the desk and stands firm as you work.
  • Comfort: These come with the most ergonomic LapGear Lapdesk with wrist pads designed to make your hands rest better while typing.
  • Design: This is a sleek lap pad for balance, comfort &stability.
  • Durable: This Lap Desk for Tablet comes with a laminate finish that makes the product quite durable and strong.


LapGear Smart Media Desk ReviewExcellent Quality

This one comes with a smooth grain surface that makes the top soft for writing, working or gaming. The lap desk is made of high-quality material to ensure you a stress-free experience.

Strong And Sturdy

This comes with a great phone grip and ensures that your device doesn’t slip off as you work or travel. This is a perfect way to secure your phone.


The LapGear Lap Desk comes with a cushioned base that makes for an excellent pad for your lap. It is comfortable, stable and convenient. More so, it is designed in a way to give you the best support while working.

Used Across A Range Of Products

This Smart Media Desk comes with ample amount of room for just about anything. You can mount your tablet, cellphone or laptop on it without worrying about its safety. Moreover, the material of the product has soft wrist pads that are excellent as you feel comfortable while using your device.


  • Use for laptops, eReaders, tablets, and all screens up to 14.1 inches.
  • Soft foam for lap comfort.
  • Media slot especially meant for eReaders and tablets.
  • Adjustable surface customized view with a flip down the ledge.
  • 100% Polyester
  • 100% Polystyrene Foam Beads
  • Secures your gadgets with a non-skid surface.
  • Comes with a grip pad to keep your phone in quick access.
  • Soft wrist pads for comfort while typing
  • MDF wood finish


  • Everyday Use With Comfort – You can use it every day. It will keep your wrists from hurting. You don’t have to hold your tablets and iPads for long hours while using them. This one easily tilts to different levels and makes working a breeze. And then, it comes with a cushioned design and doesn’t hurt your lap. It also comes with a foldable lap stand for the tablet with a handle.
  • Value for Money – The sleek and sturdy design comes at quite a reasonable cost. You can now watch movies in bed and do not have to worry about your machine from falling. This gives you everything you need and flip out Edge securely holds your gadgets at all the possible angles to make working even more comfortable for you.
  • Easy to Use – This is a comfortable LapGear Lapdesk with Wrist Pad, which can be adjusted to suit the angle of your eyes and if you wear glasses; you can easily perfect it at the angle you want. Whether you want it closer or farther away, adjust it to your eye level and save your eyes from any stress.


  • Slot Not Large Enough – Some users have complained of the slot not being large enough. The slot isn’t universal for all tablets that make it a bit of a problem to use if you change the tablet, or the sizes of all your equipment vary.
  • Beware Of Use Around Pets – If you have pets, you need to make sure that they do not get to the lap desk easily. The problem is the surface of the pad attracts pets so not exactly a negative quality, but people with pets can have issues in using these around them.


This is a perfect option for someone who likes something small and works on the go. You can easily fit it on any small seats as you travel in a train or a bus. Sure this is better with a tablet than a laptop. There’s not much space so a tablet, popcorns, and your phone will fit in perfectly well as you watch a movie but not so much when you have a laptop. This is an excellent option for anyone who isn’t looking for something like for a laptop in particular. This LapGear Smart Media Desk Review seeks to tell you what makes it a perfect buy for you.


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