LapGear Deluxe Computer LapDesk Review

How many times do you crave for something relaxing to place our laptop on? There are many options out there in terms of Lap Stand for Tablet but what makes this one different is its functionality. The LapGear Lap Desk is designed to last keeping comfort and style in mind. This is a popular choice as it comes with premium soft-touch pads, and this is made with ample space for your writing needs too. You do not have to worry about storing extra stuff as you work; this one comes with a cool pad that gives you a durable surface to write, read and explore the web. The wrist rests padded with neoprene is especially designed for added comfort. This LapGear Deluxe Computer LapDesk Review tells you everything you need to know about it.



LapGear Deluxe Computer LapDesk Review

  • Pouches: LapGear 45492 comes with side storage pouches with zips that make storage better and more convenient. These can either velcro up or slip on the side.
  • Micro-beads: This lap desk for the table is made with premium quality micro beads that bring a lot more comfort to the lap and stability in its use.
  • Lap Shield: The LapGear Lap Desk comes with a lap shield that brings extra safety. This is an added advantage as it protects the lap from heating up and saves your health.
  • Extra-large Surface: This one comes with a bigger surface that can hold a laptop size up to 17 inches. So even if you want to hold a portable DVD player, you can easily rest it on your desk.


  • Comfort: This comes with micro bead pads underneath which give it an edge over the other models in the same category. This one is much more comfortable on the thighs than other options. You just have to place it comfortably and not worry about it sliding off the lap.
  • Ergonomically designed: Lap Stand for Tablet is designed to divert the heat away from your lap. It is made of micro beads that bring comfort but also ensure that there is no heat being stored at the bottom.
  • Storage: Unlike most other designs that usually come with a desk drawer, this lap desk comes with two different zippered side pouches. They are excellent for storage and make space for stationary and any other items that you want to keep in place as you work.
  • Light Weight: On an average, this media desk weighs not more than 1 lb. and 3 ounces. But the greatest part is that it can accommodate even something that’s 17 inches. So you have a lightweight desk but with all the space you need.


  • Special features for wrist relaxation
  • Garage Pouches for more storage
  • Mouse pads are available
  • LapShield for added safety
  • Micro-Bead Lap Pads


  • Strong – The LapGear Lapdesk with Wrist Pad is durable, strong and sturdy. At the same time, it is a lightweight model that is constructed in a way that it is easy to clean.
  • Soft Pads – This is a rare combination of impeccable style and perfection on the surface. It comes with neoprene padded wrist rest that ensures that your wrists do not hurt as you work on the laptop.
  • Ample Storage – When you want ample storage and pouches that hang to the side, this is a good option. Even as you travel, you can now save all your things in the pouch and make your work simpler.
  • No Heat – This is not just another Lap Desk for Tablet. It comes with a built-in system that blocks heat. The model is created to ensure that the electro-magnetic field energy emitted from the laptop doesn’t harm your body.


  • Hard Pads – Although the pads are reasonably soft, there are some who still feel they are not as soft. There are two pads—one in the front and the rear too. But if you want something too soft, this is not what you want.
  • Wrist Rest – Some complain that the wrist rest is not as soft which can hurt your wrists a bit. For those looking for complete comfort on the wrists, this is a good option but not for ultra-sensitive skins. The wrist pads are durable but are sometimes a little harder than you would like.

Overall, if you are using something up to 17 inches, this LapGear Lap Deskis a sturdy design with great comfort that can be used. Definitely not meant for those looking for cushioned rests, this one promises you a durable life and is made with the finest quality. If you are looking for a model that is scientifically flawless and keeps the heat away from your lap, this by all means is the right choice. This LapGear Deluxe Computer LapDesk Review is your buddy for all travels and relaxing workspace at home.


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