iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Table Review

Laptop tables are a necessity for one and all, but not every laptop table serves as expected and this is where your choice makes all the difference. Adjustable Laptop Computer Desk should have various qualities such as sturdiness and ergonomics and iCraze Stand for Laptop promises not only these two features but many more which make this laptop table the best when it comes to competition at the given price range. Now, let’s delve deeper into the iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Table Review.

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  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable height options
  • This Lapdesk comes with two fans
  • It uses detachable USB power cord
  • It works on laptop power
  • Made of hard plastic
  • Stands are made of aluminium alloys
  • Stands are free to move at all angles
  • Has separate mouse tray to hold mouse

BenefitsiCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Table Review

  • Ergonomics: iCraze Lapdesk has the best ergonomics compared to all other lap desks available in the segmented price range because it can be adjusted to various height levels to fit perfectly with your eyes. It’s very annoying when your Lapdesk can adjust to your eye levels and this Lapdesk does not face this issue.
  • Lightweight: This Vented Laptop Table is as lightweight as it gets, and thus, it is easy to use and carry anywhere you want. This Lapdesk can be used not only in your house but anywhere you want because it can be taken anywhere and placed on any surface. The lap desk is made keeping in mind that it can remain steady on any surface imaginable.
  • Aluminium Make: The aluminium made legs and body parts ensure that this Lapdesk will stand the test of time. Though not every part of the body is made of aluminium as some are still hard plastic, this Lapdesk is very durable and it has performed remarkably well over the years for more than one users.
  • Legs: This Adjustable Vented Computer Desk has aluminium alloy legs that are free to move in every direction. This ensures that your Lapdesk will remain stable at all imaginable angles and all you need to do is adjust the legs, forward or back, according to the surface, you are placing your Lapdesk on.
  • Fans: This laptop table has two fans built into the base of the desk that work when you connect the device to your laptop using the USB cable. The fans give an excellent cooling effect and will keep laptops chilled at all times unless you have been using a decade old huge machine in which case the fans are not ideal for cooling.
  • Sturdiness: Lapdesk those are not sturdy are tough to use because all the time you are worried about them getting damaged or your laptop wobbling. This Lapdesk is fairly sturdy and provides a rigid platform for you to keep your laptop. This table can be used for any size laptop and can hold up to 30lbs in weight.


  • The product has shipping weight of 3.8 pounds
  • Is multifunctional
  • Has air vented cavities
  • Works on USB power
  • Has height adjusting buttons
  • Legs are made of aluminium alloys


  • Price: This Lapdesk is as good as it gets and the price tag sweetens the deal even further. You can find many Lapdesk that have the same features and specifications but none in the given price range. When it comes down to being a value for money product, this device wins over the competition by a huge margin.
  • Functionality: Not just the price tag, this Lapdesk also beats the competition on functionality. Not only this Lapdesk can be used to support your laptops, but it can also be used as a study desk or even to support your television. Not every other Lapdesk can do this because they are not sturdy enough.
  • Mouse rack: This laptop table has a special sliding tray to keep the mouse on. Not every Lapdesk that you buy will have a separate place where you can keep your mouse and thus using a computer on a Lapdesk becomes next to impossible. This Lapdesk ensures that you can use not only your laptop but also your computer over it.


  • Plastic joints: This Lapdesk has aluminium legs that account for its durability but the aluminium legs have plastic joints that can raise a few eyebrows and make some people question its durability and this would be a valid question. For this Lapdesk to become the best buy in the segment, it will have to overcome this plastic issue.


Various kinds of lap desks are now available in the market; some look astonishingly good while others have various others functions than just cooling off the laptop. This iCraze Lapdesk though is the ideal choice for everyone who wants a Lapdesk to work for years and which comes at an attractive price range. Considering what you pay, this product is the best you can lay your hands on.

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