HAVIT HV-F2056 Cooling Pad Review

If you use laptops regularly, you know what cooling pads are all about. This HAVIT HV-F2056 Cooling Pad Review will give you in-depth analysis on one such model. The interesting part is that a laptop cooler enhances your laptop’s life by many years. It not only protects your machine from overheating, but it also comes with innumerable health benefits too. Be it work at home or in office, these are perfect for all kinds of work, especially when it involves traveling. This is what makes them indispensable. One such model is the Havit HV-F2056.HAVIT HV-F2056 Cooling Pad ReviewIt is your high-quality cooling pad that makes the job a lot less comfortable, and its weightless design makes it easy to keep all that bulk off your lap. This one comes with some of the best features available in the market today, and it doesn’t lack anything. It’s cooling mechanism works on three powerful fans. With an airflow of 65 CFM, you can’t ask for more, can you.

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  • Light Weight, Slim & Portable: Havit Cooling Pad is only 1.6lbs, and it comes with barely over an inch of thickness. Add to that, the ultra-portable design and you have a great cooling pad.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: This comes with two adjustable settings for height and gives you the most comfortable position when it’s about relaxing with your laptop.
  • Great Travel Accessory: This is your laptop that is made of a premium multi-directional metal mesh of which includes a stable, wear-resisting laptop carrying surface for relaxing travels.
  • Whisper Quiet: When we say it does not make any noise, we mean it. It comes with three big 110mm fans that not only give you superior airflow but also whisper-quiet noise levels. The model offers 65 CFM of air flow so that you can easily work without any unwanted noise.
  • Extra USB Ports: This one comes with additional USB ports so you can use the cooler for more than one purpose. You don’t have to look at other points to charge your phone, etc.


Durability & Simplicity: Its slim and sleek design makes this quite simple to use and stable to use. It’s protected by a tough metal mesh cover on the top to make it more durable and reliable. It comes with three fans, but that doesn’t change it’s lightweight mechanism.

Portable: Ergonomically design, this is so sleek that it is a breeze to pack it and carry it around. It’s lightweight design makes it just another accessory in your travel bucket. There’s nothing to worry about its care too.

 No External AC Required: Havit Cooling Laptop Desk does not require external A/C power. It gets it from the USB port. And this is also something that comes with the model. You can charge your phone and use other accessories while you are working on the cooling pad.

No Noise: A lot of cooling pads come with the guarantee that there is no sound, but this one lives by it. You can even ramp up the fans slightly when you want, but it won’t make any noise. It works exactly on the whisper quiet technology.


  • Ultra-Portable as it comes in a sleek design
  • Is more like an ergonomic stand with two adjustable height settings
  • Multi-directional metal meshes on top
  • Wear resistant surface
  • Three ultra-quiet fans
  • Extra USB Ports
  • Built-in dual-USB hub


  • No noise as even with three fans it works surprisingly quietly.
  • Sleek & Portable for carrying around
  • Reasonably Priced and you won’t have to think a lot before investing in this one.
  • Extra USB ports
  • Adjustable Height for better vision and reading ability.


  • Some users have complained about the cooling pad lacking the height adjustment options. This is something that is found in many other models.
  • There is not much to see regarding functionality. Havit Cooling Laptop Pad is more or less like the typical cooling pad, nothing over the top.


When you want something just about functional without having to spend a lot of money, this is something you are looking for. Cooling desk is not only ergonomically designed but this is a model that caters to your laptop’s cooling needs well.

You do not have to settle for less concerning your comfort at any level. This is a design that is portable, lean and comes with advanced features that are hard to find otherwise. Having said that, if you are scouting for functions that will leave you startled or surprised, this doesn’t come with many goodies. At the end of the day, this one works on the simple principle of a powerful machine with not much to explore into. This HAVIT HV-F2056 Cooling Pad Review would rate it as a good investment.

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