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As the demand for laptops is gradually rising among the corporate houses and individuals, the demand of laptop accessories is also rising. These accessories can readily enhance the laptop using experience. Apart from that, these accessories can be extremely beneficial at various points of times. The requirement for these kinds of accessories arises due to the structural differentiations between a desktop computer and a laptop. The laptop accessories always make up those differentiations by the services provided by them.

Out of all these accessories, laptop cooling pad is one of the most important ones. Owing to the structure of laptops, sometimes overheating becomes a huge problem, as the cross ventilation of air through the laptop is not possible. It may cause severe problems, like sudden shutdowns, when you are in the middle of some work. Somewhat excess pressure on CPU due to the running of several processes can cause overheating, which cannot be handled by the inbuilt laptop fan alone. Those are the times when these products can come out to be quite handy.

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Metallic design with fashion

Cooler Master NotePal LapAir is made of solid metal and is fashionable by look. The mesh of this cooling pad is created out of metal, and it is designed in such a way that it can support not only laptops, but also notebooks, ultrabooks, and even netbooks. Therefore, the compatibility of this accessory is out of question.

Cooler Master NotePal LapAir ReviewSmall and mighty fan

The fan being used in this cooler for the laptop is eighty millimeters in size, and it is placed just beneath the mesh so that it can directly absorb the heat from the device upon the mesh. Now, the specialty of this fan is that in one hand it will not let the device heat up. On the other hand, if you place the laptop on your lap, you will not feel the heat too.

Adjustable height

This characteristic is particularly important if you are working from home. While working from home, it is not always possible to sit in a particular posture throughout the day. Therefore, if the height of the lap cooler for the laptop can be adjusted, the working may be more comfortable. This height adjustment feature can also be helpful in an office, as the heights of the employees may not be same, and this facility can make their lives easier.

USB Port facility

This lap desk with a cooling fan also comes with a USB input and output point. The fan beneath the mesh draws its power from the laptop or the computational device through the output USB point. The input USB point allows you to use the USB port of your computational device, which was engaged for running the fan.

Comfortable for lap usage

This particular accessory comes with a lap pad cushion, which is made of sponge. It is a kind of padded pillow, which is specially made for lap using keeping in mind.


  • The fan speed of this product can go up to the RPM of eighteen hundred.
  • The power consumption is nearly five volts only.
  • It has a weight of nearly one kilogram.
  • It is made of aluminum and rubber.
  • The speed of the fan can be adjusted.


  • Usage of aluminum can enable efficient heat reduction, which supplements the function of the fan.
  • It can accommodate the computational devices up to nineteen inches long.
  • The metallic built adds to the strength of the product.
  • The fans are silent and mutable.


  • The weight tolerance is poor, i.e. the maximum weight it can take is nearly three kilograms.
  • The laptop carrier does not provide space for carrying the fans.
  • The color options are practically zero.


If you are scouting for a cooling pad, which is affordable and adjustable, then you should look into this product. Cooler Master NotePal LapAir is a product, which offers value for your buck. If you are thinking of only cooling your laptop, then definitely it is something more than that. The adjustments to be made in this product are quite simple. More than just a cooling pad, it is a cooling solution.

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