Cooler Master Comforter Review

We work for countless hours on our laptop. Though using a laptop is more convenient than using a personal computer because you can sit anywhere, at any place, and start working. But working long hours does take a toll. And anything that can make using laptop even more comfortable is a product worth investing in.

Laptops do have a tendency to heat up, and hence laptop cooling pads are in hot demand among laptop users. Though these cooling pads do the work of keeping your laptop cool, they take away the necessary comfort of use that is symbolic to laptops. Cooler master comforter lap desk is your answer to the discomfort caused by the cooling pads.

Cooler master comforter review

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  • Chill mat: Most of the times when you use a laptop that heats up a lot, the heat causes a lot of irritation if you are using the laptop keeping it over your lap. Cooler master comforter serves as a chill mat and does not let the heat of the laptop reach your laps.
  • Cushion: Not only does Cooler Master comforter act as a shield against the heat radiated from your laptop, but it also has a padded cushion that makes keeping your laptop on laps even more comfortable.
  • Design: Cooler master comforter has an ergonomic design, which makes it perfect for keeping your laptop on your laps while working long hours.
  • Airflow: Cooler master comforter has a concave shape that helps in creating much better airflow. Hence heat dissipation is even better.
  • Storage section: Cooler master comforter has a grooved storage section. This grooved storage section can go a long way in managing the ever irritating wires, and can also be used for keeping little objects such as a pen or a diary.
  • Universal application: Cooler master comforter can be used to support laptops of all sizes. It can even support a 17inch gaming laptop, all notebooks, ultrabooks and iPads, which makes the cooler master comforter lap desk customer friendly product.


  • Cooler master comforter is ideal for lap desk use, for people seeking movable fan options and for people who love to play games on a laptop.
  • It can be used on a desk as well as is comfortable to place on laps.
  • It can support laptops with up to 19inch screen size.
  • Fan size varies with design and comes in 80mm*1, 80mm*3 and 140mm*2 sizes.
  • Supports USB
  • Cooler master comforter is powered by USB.
  • The dimensions of cool master comforter are 18*13.4*2.5 inches.
  • Cooler master comforter weighs 1.8 pounds.


  • Cooler master comforter is smartly designed keeping in mind the comfort of using a laptop pad.
  • The universal size support makes Cooler master comforter ideal for any laptop.
  • The specially made design has storage space that can come in really handy.
  • Its light weight means it’s very comfortable to keep over your lap.
  • The cushions make the laptop use even more convenient.


  • Cooler master comforter might not be comfortable to use if you own a very heavy laptop.
  • The laptops might occasionally slip off the pad as the Cooler Master Comforter is made of a slightly slippery material.


Cooler master lap desk is an ideal product for you if your laptop heats up too much and too frequently. The product is very light to use and very easy to carry anywhere you go. This makes Cooler master comforter an ideal cooling pad for your laptop, and to top it all, the price of cooler master lap desk is relatively lower than similar products available in the market. All in all, its a value-for-money product which will not disappoint any buyer.

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