Cooler Master Comforter Air Review

The Cooler Master Comforter Lap Desk is a very well crafted and designed laptop cooling pad that is not only made of extremely soft material but also is a product that ensures maximum comfort. It is one of those rare laptop pads that makes the machine much enjoyable to use. You can now use your laptop or tablets for extended periods of time and not feel the heat dissipated at the base of the laptop. Today, laptops are being made with microprocessors that ensure that your laptop works like a breeze. But these technological advances come at a price. They curtail the life of your laptop if you are not using them correctly (with a pad or desk). This Cooler Master Comforter Air Review tells you how to save yourself the trouble of laptop and health issues by using this model.



  • Removable Fan: The Cooler Master Cooling Pad comes with a removable 100mm fan that is based at the center of the pad. It gives you all the airflow you need to ensure that the laptop’s heat is not hurting your lap or the machinery.
  • Comforter Air: Because it is built with the provision of Lightweight Comforter Air, you can use this cooling pad wherever you want. Be it your bed or the couch and even the floor, you don’t have to think twice before using it over a surface.
  • USB Provision: The model comes with a USB cable. This is meant to power the fan through cable management special grooves that reach the hidden fan in a smart and sturdy mechanism. The best part, this is compatible with laptops, tablets and iPods that range up to 15 plus


Cooler Master Comforter Air ReviewWell Built

Everything about the model is worth investing in. This Lap Desk with Cooling Fan comes with a fabulous top side with a contoured ridge. This is to ensure that your laptop doesn’t slide off from easily. And the center is a bit deep to make sure that the air flows through the base of your laptop.

Soft Material

The Cooler Master Cooling Pad is made of sponge-like material that is then covered by a textured cloth to give it a finished look. Incredibly soft to use, this is one of the best cooling pads out there. The Comforter comes with two humps that are placed on either end of the desk. This allows air to circulate properly.

Flip The Fan

The best part is that you can flip the fan unit over. This allows you to blow cool air into your laptop. If you think your laptop is overheated or needs to be explored a bit, you can also suck the hot air out. And then you also have the provision to remove the fan. This means you can use the pad without the fan.

Safe to use

Its top is made from hard plastic for a strong and sturdy look. And then it comes with a rubber stopper in the front. This ensures your laptop doesn’t slide forward.

No Mess

The Cooler Master Cooling Pad is manufactured in a way that most of the features are inbuilt. And not only that. They require minimum wiring or USB connections.


  • Black and Navy Blue Colour options
  • Made of plastic, sponge with clothing
  • Weighs 486g
  • 0 x 10.9 x 1.8 inch is size


  • Reversible: The comforter is reversible, and you can use it on both sides. It has a cushioned part that allows you to use the mouse conveniently. This is a feature you don’t find easily in other lap desks.
  • Spacious: There is ample space that makes the hot air dissipate properly to make sure your laptop battery is working properly for a long time.
  • Lightweight: This is one of the best options you will find in light weight cooling pads.


  • Bulky: Even though it’s lightweight, some of the features like a cushioned surface make it look a little cumbersome, a feature not many people like.

All said and done, any Cooler Master Comforter Air Review will tell you how amazing the product is. Sure it is a bit on the bulky side, but if you are looking for something that is relaxing, sturdy and compact, this is it. Be it the style, design or the incredible performance, everything about this option is useful.

There is enough provision to keep the laptop from sliding. And then you have a very soft material covering it from the top. The best part—the fan is detachable. Now this is something you won’t find easily in any other model. Well, most good things in one, if not all.


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