Kantek Adjustable Monitor Stand Review

There are many ways to make sure the life of your laptop stands the test of time. One of those ways is finding the perfect Adjustable Monitor Stand. This Kantek Adjustable Monitor Stand Review gives you details on what makes some monitor stands better than the others.

Kantek Adjustable Monitor is your widescreen monitor stand that includes adjustable drawer. The extra-wide design makes it suitable for all laptop sizes including large screen models. This is the one stand that can help you maximise your workspace while reducing the stress on your eyes with its brilliant ergonomics. You can now adjust your laptop at the most comfortable viewing angle. This one also comes with a plastic monitor stand. You can use this for cable management. With a great space for storing your files etc., this one beats all other models in many aspects.

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  • The Dual Monitor Stand is compatible with a broad range of accessories that come with your laptop. This adjusts perfectly with laptops, printers, and LCD monitors
  • It can withstand laptops or anything weighing up to 60 lbs.
  • You can alter the height up to 6.5″ with much ease and customise it further till about 6 inches too.
  • This laptop is built with a stylish black finish.
  • The broad base of the laptop is meant to ensure that it is not only stable but also durable to use.
  • You can now store those wires neatly by using this Dual Monitor Adjustable Stand.
  • There is ample space for storing a lot of things underneath when you are using this one.Kantek Adjustable Monitor Stand Review


  • Ergonomics: The design is perfect. This Desktop Adjustable Height Monitor Stand is designed keeping all aspects of space use in mind. It’s extra-wide, is an adjustable stand and comes with high storage capacity.
  • Sturdy: This one has a sturdy platform. It is designed to fit better a lot of widescreen monitors available out there on the market today.
  • Versatile: You can use it to accommodate just about everything from printers to monitors and fax machines.
  • Perfect angle: It sits at a perfect angle to ensure that you a just the right angle for viewing your laptop perfectly. You can change it to the height you think is just apt for your viewing.


  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Withstands up to 50 lbs and is strong
  • Extra-wide and sturdy in its look and feel
  • Adjusts laptops, monitors and fax machines
  • No unruly wires as you have cable management controls
  • Comfortable viewing level with the raised platform
  • Comes with a removable drawer that can organise files and papers


  • This is one of the most convenient stands out there which comes with a comfortable design.
  • It is also among the most moderately priced Amazon Monitor Stand options. You do not end up spending a lot of money.
  • You do not end up tiring your eyes or in a slouchy posture when you are using this one. It fits according to the height you want.


  • This is made of plastic, and that puts many users off the grid. There are many other laptop stands out there that come in a better material.


Overall, a great purchase. There are many stands there that fall in the same price bracket. You can surely get better deals. But the best part of this laptop stand is that it is simple, and many features make it stand out. You simply have to know what you are looking for in your monitor stand to be able to make just the right choice. This Kantek Adjustable Monitor Stand Review is to give you better perspective while making a choice.

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