Eutuxia Glass Monitor Stand Review

Monitor stands come in all shapes and sizes in the market and this has resulted in the piling up of various products running to capture the same business in the market. The large availability of products in this segment is enough to confuse you, but Eutuxia Glass Monitor stand is an ideal product in more than one ways.

Eutuxia Glass Monitor Stand Review

This is a Glass monitor stand like no other as it is the widest monitor stand available in the segment and can be used to place a monitor as well as your laptop, both at the same time. The thick glass made monitor stand can be used to hold every kind of monitor as it is made to hold even the bulkiest monitors that include even the iMac. Here is the detailed Eutuxia Glass Monitor Stand Review.

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  • The glass monitor stand enhances the visibility of the table in and around the monitor.
  • The thick glass of 0.35 inches thickness is made with an intention to carry a greater load.
  • Can be used not only for keeping your monitor but also to keep your laptop, printer, scanner, fax machine, speakers or any other accessory that comes along.
  • The glass stand is made from tempered glass that further enhances the strength of the multi monitor stand.
  • The monitor stand is the widest in the segment and can be used to place your monitor and laptop over it at the same time.
  • The glass stand is shatter proof and scratch resistant.
  • The design is ultra-modern which will stand the test of time.


Transparent: The Eutuxia Monitor Stand Smart Monitor Stand is transparent and hence enhances the visibility. You can view whatever is kept below the monitor stand at all times as it is made of glass that gives the feeling of spaciousness.

Neat: As the Multi Monitor Stand is made of glass everything that is kept below the stand can be managed better which makes the monitor stand give a neat look. It is certain to turn the eyeballs.

Can be used to hold multiple objects: If you do not want to keep two screens over the monitor stand, you can still use the leftover space to keep speakers or printers or any other accessory that you like.

Never lose a thing: Monitor stands that make visibility zero below the stand makes it hard to find pen drives and external hard disks or whatever else is kept beneath the monitor stand.  Available at Amazon, Monitor Stand ensures you never lose a thing that is kept below it.


  • 27*11 inches in width.
  • Made of tempered glass
  • Dimensions of 8.9*27.6*3.5 inches
  • Glass thickness of 8mm
  • Improves visibility
  • Can be used to place to monitors at the same time
  • Can be used to place other accessory devices along with a single monitor.


  • Very sturdy and can support even the heaviest of the monitor screens including the iMac.
  • Can be used to place any accessory that needs a flat platform including printer, scanner, audio devices, fax machines or any other device that needs a flat surface.
  • Enhances visibility because of the glass surface and ensures that things kept below the monitor surface do not go missing.
  • Helps in managing the wires and gives a neater look to the monitor table.
  • The monitor stand is not flimsy unlike other monitor stands in the segment and does not bulge if a heavy monitor is kept over it.
  • Tempered glass makes the monitor stand durable and will stand the test of time.
  • Scratch less glass ensures that the monitor stand will look beautiful even after prolonged use.


  • It does not have accessory ports such as USB ports or headphone and microphone jack inbuilt in the monitor stand.
  • Cannot be used to as a power source to charge your smartphones, tablets and other related devices.
  • Cannot be adjusted in height thus does not take care of ergonomics.


If you are looking to buy just a basic monitor stand that may not have accessory functions and come in at a handy price, this monitor stand is an ideal buy for you. It will not give you functions like inbuilt USB ports or microphone and headphone jack but will help you keep two monitors at the same time because of its wide body structure. The below space can be used to keep official files and books that can be found easily kept inside due to the transparent glass. The tempered scratchless glass makes this monitor stand durable to stand the test of time, and this is an ideal monitor stand for home and official purposes. This is a worthy investment and value for money product.

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