Best Monitor Stands Reviews 2017

It is always better to opt for a computer that has the best features related to aesthetics, design, specifications and performance, but it is also important how you are operating this machine. Much of the time your laptop/computer remains in a stationary position as it is always you who is adjusting positions. The solution to this would be a monitor riser.

Best Monitor StandsWhat to look for in a Good Monitor Stand?

You need to know what kinds of monitor stands are available in the market. Many companies have come up with innovative designs that make the monitor stand perform multiple functions. Here are a few key points that could be kept in mind when purchasing a monitor stand.

  • Material: Two main materials are used to make monitor stands; which are plastic and wood. The plastic one is made from a composition of different materials to make it rigid, sturdy and durable. The wooden ones are aesthetically prime and, therefore, cost a little bit more than the plastic ones. Glass made monitor stands are also available. Some monitor stands made out of wood or plastic can be adjustable with a desktop riser. Whatever the material, the monitor stand should be able to take the weight of your computer or laptop. It should not break after a particular period of use. The quality should be superior and should fit the purpose of handling the device weight at all times.
  • Ergonomics: Some products look appealing to the eye but when actually in use, they turn out to be not so compatible with our requirements. The purpose of a monitor stand is not just to handle the positioning of your computer or laptop but also make the using conditions comfortable for you. You should not compromise your posture and comfort for a product that is only visually appealing. Always select the one that you think will be compatible with your entire workspace.
  • Features: The design of the monitor stand matters when it comes to how many purposes can the features of the monitor stand meet. There are many different models of monitor stands which can also be used when travelling. These could be foldable and flip ones, and some also come with cushions, to protect your machine. Some monitor stands come with drawers that can be used for storing important documents or other things such as chargers, flash drives, hard drives, etc. Some monitor risers also come with cooling fans so that the performance of your machine stays on point every time.
  • Purpose: Everyone uses their laptops for different purposes. If you are someone who is always working on their computer and need a much-optimized desk space, then you could opt for a monitor stand with drawers. Foldable ones can be used by those who travel. For gamers and editors, a dual monitor stand would be just the things to add to their tech space.
  • Cost: The price, of course, plays a vital part in deciding which monitor stand you could opt for. You can always search and compare for the specific brands and model types that you are interested in from different websites and then make your decision.

Some of the Best Monitor Stands / Laptop Desks

Eutuxia EL-UDON-77151

Some of the best monitor stands-laptop desksThis monitor stand is one of the best multipurpose stands available on the market. It comes in white color, and the base is made out of tempered glass that makes it sturdy when in use. It comes with dimensions of 11 x 9.76 x 2.05 inches with outstanding features such as three built-in USB ports that allow you to connect your external drives to your machine with much ease. The stand is aesthetically excellent and can be an invaluable addition to any office or work environment.check price at amazon

Stand Steady Titan Height-Adjustable Dual Monitor Stand

As the name suggests, this stand can be sued to keep two of your monitors. This is the ideal choice for gamers and software operators who can add it to their studio workspace. The adjustable height feature ensures that you get the optimum height to work on the machines, and your posture or comfort is not compromised while working. It comes with dimensions of 31.2 x 11.8 x 12.2 inches and weighs around 7.7 lbs. The height adjustment feature allows you to create more space below the monitor stand that could be used to keep other items. This riser enables you to increase the height by up to 12 inches. The base material is made out of high-quality melamine coat, and the legs of the stand are made out of aluminum thus making the monitor riser for desk extremely durable.check price at amazon

Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand

This monitor stand comes in a visually appealing design in white and green color. The riser comes with dimensions of 21.7 x 9.1 x 1 inches and weighs around 3.2 lbs. The light construction of the stand is owed to the high-quality construction and the aluminum legs that can easily take the weight of your laptop or desktop system. It also comes with the adjustable height feature so that you get to work at your level of comfort. Additional features include 4 USB ports, one microphone, and one headphones port. The rubber pads on the stand make sure that your system is placed firmly on the stand and is protected at all times.check price at amazon

These are some of the recommended monitor stands. They have been selected keeping in mind the various points that need to be kept in mind when selecting the stand that suits your purpose. The list covers those products that are suitable for every purpose a laptop or machine has to serve. Remember the points when looking for the ideal monitor stand and makes sure that you compare the features prices from different sources.

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