Apple MacBook mStand Laptop Stand Review

Working on a laptop for prolonged durations of time can pose hazards for you neck and lower back. This mStand Laptop Stand Review will tell you about all the features the best stands should have. Typical postures for using laptops place the neck in a dangerous position. This can easily be corrected by using a proper laptop stand. With a simple device such as this, the users’ posture can be instantly changed to one that is more natural and less fatiguing.

The Apple Macbook mStand is an easy and affordable way to upgrade the ergonomics of your workspace. Just get this simple stand, and use the benefits of this design when you are looking at hours of work on your laptop. Do not hunch over a tiny screen anymore.Apple MacBook mStand Laptop Stand ReviewThe mStand Laptop Stand by Rain Design was specially built for MacBooks but you can use this one for just about any notebooks. Not only does it look good, but it is also solid aluminum which has been designed and angled keeping your health and your laptop’s health in mind. It is perfectly elevated, cool, and comes with an adjustable base.

No longer do you have to swivel your machine from one side to the other as you work. Although it is intended to be used with an external keyboard and monitor, you can use this Apple MacBook Stand with a standing desk setup too and its newest version has a 360-degree technique too. There’s so much more to love about it.

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  • It can lift your laptop screen to eye level for a better viewing angle with much ease.
  • Comes with a slight tilt in the design that improves airflow and keeps the laptop cool.
  • Solid aluminum makes this one more durable and the design has sturdy stability.
  • There is an aluminum panel that works like a perfect something to keep the laptop cool.
  • A cable organizer is included to make sure the wires are neatly routed.
  • There is a Keyboard stash to keep the desk area clear if you are not using it.
  • It looks quite classy in the sand-blasted finish that compliments the Macbook just perfectly.
  • Here’s a machine that compliments everything from Macbook Air to MacBook Pro and anything with less than 10.4 inches depth.


Comfortable: The MacBook Pro Stand comes with a rich finish and perfect material. You do not have to think twice before using it for the comfort it will bring with it.

Ergonomic: The design is made in a way that it is perfectly angled to protect your back. It ensures that you are sitting just in the right position to use the laptop. You do not have to worry about health issues while using this one.

Perfect for MacBooks: A lot of other laptop stands are not as compatible with Apple machines. The fact that this is specially designed for Macs makes all the difference.

Safe Investment: When you are buying this, you know you aren’t just randomly spending on a stand. This one has everything you can ask for and so it protects your investment. You know you are paying for the right thing.


  • Tilt design for proper airflow
  • Aluminum panel for durability
  • Sand Blasted Finish
  • Neatly arranged wires with cable organizer
  • Keyboard Stash


  • There’s nothing you can ask for at this price that is so perfectly designed
  • There is enough space to leave ample room underneath the unit
  • This is a classy design for extra storage
  • You can slide a keyboard under which makes it a good option in case you have a detachable keyboard


  • Some will find it overpriced if you are looking for a not-so-classy laptop stand
  • It is not a small stand. It does take up a bit of area. Although a great Rain Design Stand, it is not as good an option if you want to save space


Overall, a great purchase when you want to invest in something long lasting. This is one stand that will not disappoint you and will stay for years to come. Not sure if it is that great an option to take on travels with you but a good investment for sure. The design is meant for taking care of your posture and very few stand can give you the perfection this one does. You need Rain Stands for many reasons and this review covers all of those.

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